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Mobile Film Stories

UPDATE: September 13, 2022

Mobile Film Stories is changing. We wrote an article July 15, 2022 Read the article.

Mobile Film Stories is transforming into an alternative program which will be coming very soon and we feel will be a more fitting benefit to mobile smartphone filmmakers and video enthusiasts. 

The Quad has already had a makeover. If you are a member of The Quad, you can still log in and communicate in the forum with other members.  

All films currently streaming will go offline over the next couple of weeks. All filmmakers who were streaming films in MFS were notified August 15, 2022 in an email.


A new film distribution opportunity for smartphone filmmakers and producers has been released. Mobile Film Stories was launched September 8, 2009 by S. Botello Productions™. 

This new platform provides a way for mobile filmmakers to increase their revenue, connect and collaborate. 

Video streaming with Video On Demand showcases smartphone films and inspires viewers to make films using mobile phones. 

Pay Per View will give filmmakers making short and feature films a genuine way to increase their revenue. 

"The Quad" public space forum gives mobile filmmakers and their audience a place to connect, network, collaborate and discuss smartphone filmmaking.

Read a detailed article about the groundbreaking platform.

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