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The New Mobile Film Stories

We're excited to bring a new platform to you!

Much of what MFS was, remains:

  • Connect and meet mobile filmmakers on The Quad
  • Filmmakers interact with their fans
  • Only real people can register on The Quad forum
  • Watch films shot with smartphones

What's new!

  • Official verified membership for mobile filmmakers
  • A listing/directory of verified official members
  • Showcase smartphone filmmakers and their film projects

The streaming service is no longer part of the platform but their films are accessible through the platform and you can watch on Mobile Film Stories.

Connect with your fans who watch your films in The Quad. Share film and project updates in a dedicated space.

Registration for The Quad is not public. Only approved requests may register to post and respond to other registered members.

Content you post in The Quad is public and over time, may come up in search results in online search engines.

Find out more about The Quad.

Official Verified Members and Directory is a benefit to smartphone filmmakers. In order to qualify we will take some time to check into the criteria which is explained on the Verified Members Page on the website.

Official Verified Members receive special recognition and are noted with a special blue badge next to their name on MFS when showcased in the website, when appropriate.

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